Is running away sometimes necessary? Positive escapes that change you

Positive escape

In life, we all face stress and pressure at times.

However, escaping in such situations is never a bad thing.

Escape can refresh you and reset your body and mind.

This article will explain in detail positive escapes, the benefits of escaping, and points to keep in mind when escaping.

By reading this article, you may find your coping strategies for stress and pressure.


What is a “positive escape?”

What is a "positive escape?"

Positive escape refers to escape from one’s current situation to gain a new environment or experience for personal growth or a new step up in one’s career.

Specifically, one example of positive escape is to relieve stress from work, life, etc. by changing jobs, traveling abroad, or studying abroad to stimulate oneself and promote growth.

Examples of positive escapes

Some examples of positive escapes include the following

Changing Jobs

Find a workplace where you can do what you want to do or test yourself in a new environment.

Traveling abroad

Exposure to new cultures and people can broaden your sense of values.

Study Abroad

You can learn about your field of specialty and develop your personal growth from an international perspective.

Volunteer work

By contributing to society, you can contribute not only to your personal growth but also to others.

Hobbies and Sports

By immersing yourself in something you love, you can help relieve stress and manage your health.

It is important to improve self-discipline and make a long-term plan when making a positive escape.

These methods allow you to develop yourself by gaining new experiences and encounters.

Benefits of performing a positive escape

Benefits of performing a positive escape

There are many benefits to performing a positive escape.

It is important to manage yourself well when performing positive escapes and to be careful not to inconvenience those around you.

Reduce stress

Positive escapes can reduce stress.

This is because you can refresh yourself in a new environment away from your current situation.

In addition, through new encounters and experiences, one can reaffirm one’s sensitivities and values, which leads to mental stability.

Creating New Opportunities

Making a positive escape can create new opportunities.

Diving into a new environment, such as changing jobs or studying abroad, can help you discover your abilities and potential.

You can also find business opportunities and life partners by meeting new people and making new connections.

Creative thinking

Positive escape is a great way to generate creative ideas.

This is because the stimulus from a new environment and experience can be a source of ideas.

By stimulating yourself, you may be able to generate novel ideas that you would not normally come up with.

Also, learning about different cultures and customs will give you a broader perspective and help you generate creative ideas.

You can reset your relationships

If you stay in the community you belong to for a long time, you will gradually get stuck in a rut.

If you have good relationships, you will probably have less trouble, but it is boring to spend your days without stimulation.

By changing your environment, you belong to a new community and can build new relationships.

Disadvantages of positive escape

Disadvantages of positive escape

Positive escape has not only advantages but also disadvantages.

It is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision, rather than taking the easy way out.

Leaving the problem unresolved

By making a positive escape, you may neglect a problem that needs to be solved.

Although running away allows us to temporarily forget about the problem, it can lead to a more serious situation when the same problem arises again later.

Also, if running away becomes a habit, the ability to solve problems in the future may be reduced.

Can be a burden to others

Positive running away can be a burden to those around you.

For example, running away from a job or project may cause inconvenience to colleagues or superiors or hinder the progress of a project.

In addition, positive escapes such as studying abroad or changing jobs require consideration for those around you, as they can cause strain and worry for family and friends.

Growth opportunities may be missed

Positive escape is not about running away from unpleasant situations or difficult challenges; it is about finding ways to help yourself while protecting yourself.

However, when we continually engage in this type of behavior, we may miss growth opportunities.

This is because growth comes from facing difficulties and challenges and avoiding them can limit the development of one’s abilities and knowledge.

Therefore, if you continue to run away from positivity, you will put the brakes on your growth.

To perform a positive escape

To perform a positive escape

If you run away without prior preparation, you will end up with a haphazard ending.

Before deciding on your own, you need to look at yourself objectively and firmly define your objectives and goals.

Look at yourself objectively

To perform a positive escape, it is important to first look at yourself objectively.

By looking at yourself calmly and without getting caught up in your feelings and thoughts, you may find a more effective way to escape.

For example, when you are feeling stressed, you need to objectively analyze the cause of your stress.

There are many possible causes of stress, such as feeling that you are overly responsible, that you are not managing your time well, or that you are not communicating well with your boss or coworkers.

By identifying the specific cause, you may be able to find a more appropriate way to escape.

Clarify objectives and goals

To conduct a positive escape, it is important to clarify your goals and objectives.

By clarifying what you want to accomplish and what your priorities should be, you will be able to clarify your direction and naturally find a way to escape.

For example, if you are thinking of changing jobs, it is important to imagine your specific new job and clarify what kind of work you want to do there and in what kind of environment you want to work.

By doing so, you may be able to find a specific place to escape from the stresses of your current workplace.

Listen to others’ opinions and advice

To make a positive escape, it is important to listen to the opinions and advice of others.

You may gain perspectives or new ideas that you could not have found on your own.

For example, by talking to a colleague or supervisor about stress at work, you may be able to get suggestions for solutions or ways of escaping that you have overlooked.

Also, by talking to friends and family, you may be able to objectively reexamine your thinking.

Think about what to do next

When performing a positive escape, it is important to consider what to do next.

Below are some specific ways to do this.

Consider remedial measures

Think about what possible improvements could be made to solve the problem. In doing so, it is important to incorporate your strengths and the opinions of those around you.

Set new goals

Sometimes a positive escape will prevent you from achieving your original goal. In that case, one option is to set new goals and start over.

View it as a learning experience

Sometimes a positive escape can lead to failure or setbacks. In such cases, it is important to view the experience as a learning experience and apply it to the next step.

After the positive escape described above, it is important to think about what to do next.

By facing ourselves and thinking about how to improve, we can have a better future.

Things to consider when escaping the status quo

Things to consider when escaping the status quo

If you make all decisions with only yourself in mind, fulfilling your responsibilities properly, you may cause trouble for those around you.

Positive escape does not mean that you let everything go irresponsibly.

Fulfill your responsibilities properly

Even when performing a positive escape, you are still responsible for your actions.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you fulfill your responsibilities before running away.

If you have a job or project that you are responsible for, make sure to take over and report back to others.

It is also important to fulfill your responsibilities to avoid inconveniencing those around you.

Avoid influencing the surroundings

When making a positive escape, be careful not to inconvenience or affect those around you.

For example, if you are working in a team, be careful not to affect the progress of the team or burden those around you by running away.

It is also important to consult and report in advance to avoid inconveniencing those around you.

Determine appropriate timing

It is important to determine the right time to make a positive escape.

Running away in the middle of a job or project can cause problems for those around you.

Also, by running away, you may miss an opportunity.

Therefore, be clear about your goals and objectives, and do so only when a positive escape is appropriate.

It is also important to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of running away and make a calm decision.

When a positive escape is needed

When a positive escape is needed

What situations are appropriate for a positive escape?

Staying in a continually stressful situation can have negative consequences for your life.

Stuck at work or in academia

Being stuck at work or in academics can happen to anyone.

When work or schoolwork goes awry, we blame ourselves and become stressed out.

At times like this, a positive escape can refresh your mind and help you find new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Relationship troubles

Relationship problems can be a source of stress.

When problems cannot be resolved or it is difficult to repair the relationship, one option is to make a positive escape.

By making a positive escape, you can change your mind and meet new people and build new relationships.

Limitations of mental and physical fatigue and stress

When the body and mind are tired and stressed, the ability to concentrate is impaired and irritable.

At times like this, you can refresh your mind by doing positive escapes.

For example, it is important to make time for hobbies, travel, or other activities that are refreshing to you.

When a positive escape is not necessary

When a positive escape is not necessary

Running away does not solve all problems.

Rather, running away can magnify the problem at hand.

It is important to first face yourself and determine the nature of the problem.

Running away from responsibility

Running away to solve a problem is sometimes legitimate, but running away to escape responsibility should be avoided.

If there is a problem or issue for which you are responsible, it is important to confront and address it.

Running away to avoid responsibility can make the problem worse in the long run and lead to a loss of trust and respect.

Running away from losing the chance to grow

A positive escape provides a temporary respite, allowing time to find a solution.

However, running away when an opportunity presents itself can lead to lost opportunities for future growth and success.

It is important to be proactive in engaging with yourself and those around you to avoid missing opportunities.

Running away from the people around you

Positive escape is a temporary solution to a problem, so care must be taken not to disturb those around you.

It is important to be attentive to the feelings and needs of those around us and to try to minimize the impact.

If running away is burdensome to those around you, you need to explore alternative approaches.

Specifics of Positive Escape

Specifics of Positive Escape

Here I would like to discuss some specific methods of positive escape.

There are other ways to make significant changes in your environment besides the one example listed below, but you should think carefully and choose the method that is right for you now.

Immerse yourself in travel and hobbies

To relieve stress, you need a change of scenery.

Traveling or immersing yourself in a hobby can take you away from reality and give you new stimulation.

It also allows you to have time to face yourself and reevaluate your values.

Start a new lesson

Taking on new challenges is a great way to grow as a person.

Starting a new lesson can stimulate your brain and give you a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Expanding your network of new contacts can also broaden your possibilities.

Tackling a New Career

If you feel stuck in your job, one positive escape is to try a new career.

By taking on a new career, such as freelancing or starting your own business, you can expand your possibilities and grow.

Working in a new environment can also broaden your horizons.

Study abroad or change jobs for a major environmental change

Making a big change can expand your potential.

Living in a new environment, such as studying abroad or changing jobs, can lead to personal growth.

You can also enhance your strengths through experiences in a new environment.

However, it requires advanced preparation and careful planning.

Notes on Positive Escape

Notes on Positive Escape

Running away is not in itself a bad thing, but we need to be aware that its purpose is to help us grow ourselves.

Escape allows us to regain our strength and the energy we need to move forward.

Enhance self-management skills

When performing a positive escape, one must take control of one’s own life.

If your self-management skills are poor, escaping may have the opposite effect.

Improve your self-management skills by taking care of your own life rhythm and health.

Communicate with those around you

When performing a positive escape, it is important to maintain good communication with those around you.

This is because running away can cause problems for those around you and worsen relationships.

It is important to inform those around you about your escape and make sure they understand.

Planning for the long term

When making a positive escape, it is important to plan for the long term.

Short-term escapes can temporarily relieve stress but can be counterproductive in the long run.

Consider an escape that you are comfortable with and that you can continue to do in the long term.

Facing and contemplating oneself

Before making a positive escape, it is important to face yourself and consider whether you really should run away.

This is because running away may solve some problems, but it may also cause more problems.

It is important to decide for yourself whether you should run away and make the right choice.

Positive escape success stories

Positive escape success stories

Trying something new may be risky, but it is also a great opportunity for personal growth.

Whether or not you succeed, the challenge itself will help you grow and gain new perspectives.

People who left large companies to start their own businesses

This is an example of a person who worked for a major company for many years and then found success by starting his own business to do what he wanted to do.

Being able to give shape to his ideas without being restricted by the company makes it more rewarding and motivates him to do the work he decides to do.

However, starting a business involves risks, so adequate preparation and planning are necessary.

People who have refreshed themselves by traveling abroad

This is a successful example of how a trip abroad can refresh you when you feel tired or stressed.

Experiencing a new culture and environment in a foreign country can stimulate you and refresh your mind, which is different from your usual life.

In addition, the encounters and experiences you have while traveling can be an opportunity to grow as a person.

People who have discovered a new self through studying abroad

Studying abroad can change the way you see and think about yourself as you are exposed to a new culture and environment.

The learning and experiences you have while studying abroad may lead you to find your possibilities and future direction.

By thinking about how you want to be in your relationships in your study abroad destination, you may be able to find your axis for your life.

Summary of Positive Escape

Summary of Positive Escape

There are moments in life when it is necessary to escape.

You may be tempted to run away when you are stuck at work or in your studies, when you have relationship problems, or when you are mentally or physically tired or stressed out.

However, depending on how you run away, you may make the problem worse.

Therefore, it is important to know positive ways to escape.

There are several ways to make a positive escape, such as immersing yourself in travel or hobbies, taking up new lessons, trying a new career such as freelancing or starting a business, or making a big change such as studying abroad or changing jobs.

It is important to improve your self-management skills, communicate with those around you, make a long-term plan rather than a short-term escape, face yourself, and consider whether you really should escape.

What hobbies do you recommend for a positive escape?

Positive escapes include a variety of hobbies such as travel, outdoor activities, sports, music, art, and cooking. It is important to find something that interests you among them. It is also important to find a suitable hobby to relieve your stress and fatigue.

What are some things to keep in mind when making a positive escape?

When making a positive escape, it is important to improve your self-discipline and communication with those around you. It is also necessary to make a long-term plan rather than a short-term escape. Furthermore, it is important to face yourself and consider whether you really should escape.

What are some success stories of people who have made positive escapes?

Examples of people who have achieved success through positive escapes include those who quit large corporations to start their businesses, those who traveled abroad to refresh themselves, and those who studied abroad to discover a new self. By confronting themselves and exploring new possibilities, they were able to develop personal growth and new career paths.

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